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After searching for a lively college football discussion community and finding only one (ncaafootball), I decided to create one more fitting for what I was looking for.

This community is for high-quality posts about college football. Anyone can join and comment, but posting articles is moderated. My goal is to keep posts restricted to very useful and/or organized posts. That includes the quality of the writing as well as the information contained.

The following items are almost always welcome:
  • LJ polls (if you have a paid account)

  • LJ icons (must credit others' work!)

  • Links to useful web sites and articles

  • Really good questions or organized lists of information

This community is for you as much as it is for me. I may have control, but I hope to be a fair moderator. That said, I will not allow this community to get unruly or be flooded with mass quantities of stupidity (or intelligence for that matter -- too much of that can be horrendous too).

Rules updated: June 27, 2006


  1. Membership is open to all Livejournal users, and commenting on entries is open to all Livejournal users and visitors.

  2. Posting entries is conditionally allowed for members only. Further guidelines on entries (content, style, etc.) are below.

  3. Entries must be relevant to college football (any division) in some way!

  4. DO NOT ALTER TEXT COLOR, SIZE, or FONT! Exceptions: (1) Monospace or fixed-width fonts are acceptable for stats or other numbers; (2) Text can be reduced in size (using CSS or the <small> </small> HTML tag) for disclaimers, asides, and other footnote-like clauses; (3) Any text behind an LJ -cut or in a comment can be formatted however you like.


  5. LJ icons (user pics) must be limited to icons that conform to Livejournal's user pic standards: no larger than 100x100 pixels or 40 KB. Post no more than three at a time, or else put them behind an LJ-cut with no more than three samples viewable on the main page.

  6. Any other images may be posted sparingly -- no more than one image per post. (This does not include LJ icons.) Again, you can post more if they are behind an LJ-cut or in a comment.

  7. Any images larger than 100 KB or wider than 400 pixels must be posted behind an LJ-cut or in a comment.

  8. There are no limits on images posted in comments or behind LJ cuts. However, don't be ridiculous. (Don't post anything that obviously doesn't belong, and don't flood the community with images.)


  10. Text entries (usually news or opinion) should be neatly written neatly and in paragraph form with reasonably proper grammar and punctuation. Entries emphasizing images or lists of data should be reasonably neat and organized as well. When in doubt, model them after ninjamonkeyspy's entries.

  11. Entries that don't meet my standards may still be approved, but I reserve the write to deny any entries in the moderation queue at any time. If I deny an entry, I will try to explain myself and recommend what to change to make it acceptable.

  12. While I discourage it when other users have already left comments, the author of an entry may delete the entry (and therefore all comments on it) at any time for any reason.


  13. Comments should never be deleted; they should be screened/hidden, though this should rarely be necessary. However, the author of any entry may delete or screen comments at any time for any reason. Please play nicely, and when in doubt, find me.

  14. Offensive comments should be screened only if they cause a disturbance. However, obscene language should be tolerated as long as it is not directly insulting someone, because bad words to one person may not be bad to everyone.

  15. A comment is off-topic only if it is irrelevant to the community, the entry, and the conversation. However, as long as people are enjoying themselves, off-topic comments should not be deleted. For example, comments and conversations that begin with "that reminds me of [something off-topic]" can allow us to discuss other common interests. We don't have to talk about college football all the time!


  17. If someone is being obscene or insulting and intentionally creating a disturbance, do not get involved by joining in and escalating the problem, because then you might be victim of whatever corrective action I take when I find it. When a problem arises, contact the entry's author and/or me. (I'll usually see it before it gets that far, because I read every comment.)

  18. Flooding of any kind will not be tolerated. Repetitive entries or comments will be hidden or deleted.

  19. Repeat offenders? Spammers? Report them to me.


  21. I will always try to be a fair moderator. If all goes according to plan, you'll never know I'm actually moderating anything. If I've left anything out or if you have additional suggestions or questions, email me at:

  22. ninjamonkeyspy -at- livejournal -dot- com