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Hi there NCAA College Fans.... [Oct. 27th, 2009|12:12 pm]
College Football on LJ

Ok, first off, I have to say, I really have NO IDEA what I am doing with this. Hopefully I can actually post and not screw this up. ;)

Hi readers, My name is Cheri Rocha and I have recently opened an online business at www.yourcollegeteamstore.com. I am specializing in NCAA College teams in the C-USA, MAC, WAC, Mountain West, and SunBelt Divisions.

My husband was actually the inspiration for this store. He is an alumni of a C-USA school and was just tired of not being able to find merchandise for his school. You could always find stuff for the "Big Schools", or what would be considered the "popular" ones. So we started doing research and found that there are manufacturers that do make this stuff, but not many who will carry or sell it. So that is where Your College Team Store originated.

We are the typical family of 4, with 2 dogs, and a cat. Both our children are school aged and they really do eat up alot of our free time with all their sports and school activites, but we wanted to find something that we could do to help other "Division 1 School Alumni" or (current students) find the items that they want, without having to search and search for someone who makes or sells it.

As I said before, we just JUST OPENED...but, I am adding new items to every school in the C-USA, MAC, WAC, Mountain West, and SunBelt Divisions as I am able to find them. I will try and add new items as often and possible, and post on here what is new, and any promtions that we have that day/week.

I thank you in advance for taking a moment and clicking on our store link above... Please pass it along to your friends and family. The more people I can direct to the site, the higher I can get on those darn search engines... If you find something you like, and maybe it's not in your school, just let me know.. I will do what I can to find it for you.

Everyone have a safe and Happy Halloween this weekend.
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SportsLife 2009 College Football Season Preview: The SEC [Aug. 19th, 2009|02:19 pm]
College Football on LJ


The conference that is seemingly the king of the mountain in NCAA football, the Southeastern Conference, has yet again produced the National Champion, for the third time in three years, and once again, it’s the Tim Tebow & Urban Meyer-led Florida Gators. It truly must be great to be a Florida Gator, but will it be again this year? Do the Crimson Tide of Alabama have the bodies to make up for their losses in players moving on to the NFL? Can the LSU Tigers once again let the nation hear the roar of the Bayou Bengals? Are the Bulldogs of UGA ready to finally be the National Title threat they have been billed as? Who are the dark horses? With no further ado, we begin our 2009 College Football Preview with the SEC. READ MORE HERE.
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Intro [Oct. 12th, 2008|12:38 pm]
College Football on LJ
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]

I am Kiki. Hardcore Big Ten Supporter (that means excluding U of Michigan and Wisconsin Badgers sometimes*) and well as my icon shows a HUGE HUGE fan of Sparties....*yes...yes they've sucked till recent but did you watch them kick some Northwestern bumbums* and also a huge Pac Ten fan....excluding University of Washington....and Oregon State *beating my another love, USC* I can't stand Texas Longhorns....and Florida Gators.
That's all...
And Go MSU!
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National Championship Talk [Sep. 28th, 2008|12:43 am]
College Football on LJ

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With all the top 5 losses lately, I have no idea who to expect to see in the championship game in January. But if we assume someone can make it out of their conference alive, this is who I think has the best chance to get there.

Disclaimer: These are ranked according to who has the best chance to get to the national championship, so future matchups are considered. Of course, any loss knocks them down.

1. (Big 12) Missouri or Oklahoma, pending their matchup in the Big 12 Championship.

2. (SEC) LSU or Alabama, pending their matchup in November.

3. (Big 10) Penn State, pending three straight games against Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio State in October.

4. (PAC 10) Southern Cal, because they probably won't lose again, but it's a long way to the top if they want to rock and roll.

5. (Mountain West?!) BYU, even if undefeated, will likely still be stuck behind 1-loss teams

6. (Big East) South Florida only beat Florida International by 8 points, so I doubt they'll go undefeated. And even if Connecticut wins the conference and finishes 12-0, they're currently unranked, so they won't get anywhere close to the national championship game.

. . .

Sorry, ACC fans, no shot. On the bright side, Virginia Tech didn't lose to Nebraska. If they had, the conference would have had no top-25 teams next week for the first time in... uh... decades? I almost wish Nebraska had won just so I'd know how long it's been.
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(no subject) [Sep. 23rd, 2008|06:46 pm]
College Football on LJ

Philip Fulmer Offered New Job

It was announced today that FEMA has offered Philip Fulmer a position there. A spokesperson for FEMA stated that Fulmer was offered the position after witnessing how he could evacuate 100,000 people from a crowded facility in a fast, calm, and orderly manner on Saturday, September 20th, 2008.
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(no subject) [Sep. 21st, 2008|07:20 pm]
College Football on LJ

Top 10 Positive Takeaways from Tennessee’s 30 – 6 Loss to FL


With apologies to David Letterman...

10. Welcome aboard Stan Drayton! The kickoff and punt return teams seem to be legitimately improved over a year ago.

9. The defense had a 33 point improvement on points allowed vs. last year!

8. For the second consecutive week there were zero camera shots of Dave Clawson looking like a deer caught in the headlights... with food poisoning.

7. Umm… we’re right where we were this time last season, right?

6. Progress: Luke Stocker did not drop a single perfectly thrown, uncontested, wide-open pass this week.

5. Progress II: Arian Foster had nothing to do with either of the devastating, momentum-shifting, game changing, soul-crushing fumbles this week. Thanks Montario! Thanks Jon!

4. Concerned about the impact the cost of fuel and the rapidly-expanding Financial Market crisis may be having on Vol fans, Fulmer has apparently decided to spare everyone the travel expenses associated with going to a bowl game.

4a. After watching Tennessee ’s offense vs. a quality SEC opponent, suddenly the Financial Market crisis and potential collapse of the entire global economy seems comparatively benign.

3. The blue-chip recruits on campus for official visits this weekend were impressed with the coaching staff, direction of the program, and all the new facilities. Of course these were all Basketball recruits, but they were impressed none the less.

2. Basketball season is less than 2 months away.

1. Projected popcorn sales for the coming weeks have caught Mike Hamilton’s attention. We all know what happens when Mike’s not happy with popcorn sales…
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(no subject) [Sep. 12th, 2008|12:55 pm]
College Football on LJ

I have two extra tickets to Alabama vs Arkansas in Fayetteville on Sept. 20th.

$100.00 for the pair!
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(no subject) [Aug. 30th, 2008|10:26 pm]
College Football on LJ

Thunder and lightning = 7 yards each! (the best duo in the nation no doubt)
Clemson Rush Yards= 8 yards
Clemson = # 9 in the nation
Clemson = gonna win the ACC

If that's the best the ACC has to offer I don't figure anyone has anything to worry about!

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shameless community plug... [Feb. 15th, 2008|07:27 am]
College Football on LJ

I just created pac_10_sports for all of us who are Pac-10 sports fans. If you are a Pac-10 fan or a just a fan of a specific Pac-10 team please check it out.
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So, what do ya'll think about signing day? [Feb. 6th, 2008|05:42 pm]
College Football on LJ

From Rivals.com

1 Alabama 32 3 19 8 3.72 2,836
2 Notre Dame 23 3 16 4 3.96 2,744
3 Florida 22 4 12 4 3.82 2,600
4 Miami 33 2 15 8 3.33 2,467
5 Oklahoma 21 3 12 5 3.81 2,422
6 Georgia 24 2 13 8 3.67 2,321
7 Florida State 30 2 13 8 3.33 2,251
8 Ohio State 19 3 9 7 3.79 2,229
9 Michigan 24 0 17 5 3.63 2,215
10 USC 18 2 12 4 3.89 2,173
11 LSU 26 2 11 13 3.58 2,134
12 Clemson 26 1 13 8 3.42 2,113
13 UCLA 23 0 12 11 3.52 1,924
14 Texas 20 0 12 7 3.55 1,919
15 Texas A&M 25 0 7 15 3.16 1,522
16 Colorado 21 1 7 9 3.24 1,510
17 Minnesota 30 0 7 18 3.07 1,395
18 Auburn 27 2 4 16 3.11 1,380
19 Virginia Tech 31 0 6 22 3.10 1,375
20 Oregon 19 0 8 9 3.32 1,359
21 Arizona State 28 0 6 20 3.14 1,326
22 South Carolina 22 0 6 14 3.18 1,322
23 Illinois 28 0 6 16 3.00 1,293
24 Ole Miss 32 1 3 15 2.75 1,276
25 Washington 26 0 5 14 2.92 1,255
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